• Dahlia

  • Typography
    Graphic Design
  • Dahlia typeface grew from a land filled with elegance, 1910’s Italian lake posters and Art Nouveau feeling. Like so many flowers, it translates a sense of perfect balance between eccentricity and delicacy. It was designed in 2021 by Jérémy Schneider for VJ Type. Dahlia typeface is a display serif typeface, useful for headlines or short to medium-length texts. It comes with 3 weights, regular, medium and bold, and 2 widths, normal and condensed.


Founded by Jérémy Schneider and Violaine Orsoni, V&J is a multidisciplinary creative studio focusing on graphic design, typography, illustration and more globally arts & craft dedicated to deliver beautiful messages.

We believe in beauty, refinement, delicacy and timelessness.

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